Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.

Date: 19th October 2016
Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Description?The melt-blowing process is a one step process in which high-velocity airblows a molten thermoplastic resin from an extruder die tip onto aconveyor or take-up screen to form a fine fibered self-bonding web.Feature?Strong and absorbent, ?Reusable;Easy rinsing, ?Fast drying;Soft, comfortable and eco-friendly; Various pattern;?High strength, good capacity of elongation and high biology tolerance,?Alkali tolerance, acidity tolerance,?Weather resistance good filtration and fine drainage capacity etc.?Low cost, easy in construction and use effects.Application?filtering/packing material, disposable medical/hygiene protective/ isolated products ,wrapping materials (operation/isolation gown/suit/clothes, doctor gown/clothes, medical operation cover/sheet/mat/curtain), active carbon/moisture-barrier bag.Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.?Email:sale@sd-laifen.comWeb: