Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.

Date: 19th October 2016
Flower Wrapping Non Woven
Shandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China flower wrapping non woven manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with professional flower wrapping non woven factory we are always at your service.Flower wrapping non wovenSpecifications:?Material:?100% PolypropyleneColor:?Wide range (as per client's request)Properties?Excellent softnessAir permeability & water repellenceHarmlessness & anti bacteriaGood Strength & elongationGood processing ability & heat-stabilityhigh tensile strength, Bio-degradableApplication?? Flower wrappingShandong Laifen Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd.?Email:sale@sd-laifen.comWeb: